S2 ep 3 - Sour Times

Sydney, 1997. Juliet plays her infamous gig at the Arena, but her set is interrupted by an unexpected catastrophe which will change her life forever.

This week’s episode brought to you by Dark Justice, the new sci-fi thriller by Shelley Russell Nolan available now from Odyssey Books.


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CAST: Kate Logan, Damien Campagnolo, Tom Yaxley, Melanie Zanetti, Jenna Saini, Liam Soden, Scott Mercer, Helen Stephens, Jessica McGaw

CROWD: Maria Hutchinson, Reece Lawrence, Troy Henderson, Nicky Nic-free-face, Jill Pettipas, Phony Negroni, Frenchy McFrenchface, Georgia Potts, Erik Veland, Beck Adams + a bunch of really other fabulous people who drank, danced, yelled, cheered and screamed.


Music by Kate Logan and Adele Pickvance & the Chandeliers (Scott Mercer and Ash Shanahan). Keep your ears peeled for the Juliet Knives EP later this year.


Extra special thanks to James Fearn-Wannan and the Bearded Lady for recording and mixing the live songs. The full set will soon be available to our Chorus level patrons.



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