s2 ep10 - Fade Into You

In the season finale, Athena answers some difficult questions at the launch party for her biography of Juliet Knives. Dylan makes her an unusual offer, and a journalist hands her a recording that might just change everything...

CAST: Kate Logan, Jenna Saini, Jessica McGaw, Melanie Zanetti, Damien Campagnolo, Tom Yaxley, Scott Mercer, Josh Donellan.

The Juliet Knives soundtrack EP is now available on bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and all other music platforms! 

Our writer J.M. Donellan has a new collection of ridiculous poems for kids called 19½ Spells Disguised As Poems released via our sponsor Odyssey Books

MUSIC by Kate Logan, Scott Mercer, Adele Pickvance, and Ash Shanahan (aka Adele & the Chandeliers). Check out their new single Something Good Is Happening. 

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