S2 ep5 - Confide In Me

Things take a surreal turn when Athena visits Juliet Knives' biggest fan. Later on, she receives a strange and threatening call...


This episode is brought to you by the Dark Poet by Kathryn Gossow, available now from Odyssey Books

Special thanks to Kaitlyn Plyley for this week's Juliet Knives testimonial. 


Our writer J.M. Donellan has a short story in the 80th anniversary issue of Southerly.


Six Cold Feet and Juliet Knives merch is available at redbubble, use POD-sixcoldfeet for a 10% discount storewide. Juliet Knives EP coming soon!


Thank you as always to our wonderful patrons on patreon, who make this show possible. 


CAST: Melanie Zanetti, Helen Stephens, Jessica McGaw, Tom Yaxley. 


MUSIC by Kate Logan, Scott Mercer, Adele Pickvance and Ash Shanahan. 

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