Dylan reveals a long buried secret from Juliet's past. Athena leaves town to go searching for answers.

Ryan provides some valuable tips on funeral etiquette. 

The Juliet Knives soundtrack EP is now available on bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and all other music platforms! 

Our writer J.M. Donellan has a new collection of ridiculous poems for kids called 19½ Spells Disguised As Poems released via our sponsor Odyssey Books. Note: if your kids are listening to this podcast you are either an excellent parent or a really terrible one. Hard to tell. 

Thanks to our wonderful patrons on patreon, we couldn't do this show without you!

This week's Juliet Knives testimonial is a very special contribution featuring Beatrix and Bob from the sci-fi dark comedy podcast Civilized, which you should definitely be listening to!

CAST: Melanie Zanetti, Jessica McGaw, Hayley Francis, Tom Yaxley, Damien Campagnolo, Jenna Saini, Liam Soden.


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